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Vintage1920’s Original HOMA Dashboard Dash Lamp Light Bentley Lagonda Invicta

This is a 100% original genuine 1920’s HOMA dashboard lamp as fitted to various top quality motor cars during the 1920’s and 30’s including W. Bentley’s, Invicta’s and the like. It has HOMA ENG CO, WHETSTONE LEICESTER stamped very beautifully in tiny script at the top centre of the flange as per photos, it has…

Vintage Lucas Pl40 / Plg40 Centre Lamp Wo Bentley Rolls Phantom Lagonda P100

This listing is for a very rare original Lucas PL40 or PLG40 centre lamp which was fitted to high quality British motor cars in conjunction with the Lucas P100 DB Bullseye headlamps. It is in good original unrestored condition as shown in the photos and is totally complete. The original lens is in excellent condition….

Vintage CAV Lucas Bullseye Side Lamps Bentley Lagonda Vauxhall Sunbeam VSCC

A pair of CAV sidelamps from the 1920s, as used on quality cars of the period. The condition is superb and original. Absolutely zero dents to the brass bodies, perfect original glass lenses, nickel bezels in original condition with no damage. You will not find better. The item “Vintage CAV Lucas Bullseye Side Lamps Bentley…