Daily archives: September 1st, 2022

Handmade Beveled Glass Barn Triangular Homemade Lantern Lamp Parts Holmes Hayden


This item comes with an old Holmes Booth & Hayden burner. The lamp shows wear including scratches, discoloration, staining, surface rust, bends, dents, the wick is frozen is place and the dial is not operational on the burner, there is unevenness to the metal, and signs of age and use. This item measures 3.25″ x…

Vintage lot of 60 pieces blue Faceted Pendant for chandelier and lamp parts


Vintage lot of 60 pieces blue Faceted blue glass Pendant mix sizes and shape large one measures 2″x2″ and round measures 1.5 in diameter for chandelier and lamp. For more details please see the images. We are not responsible for these charges. The glass prisms might have unintentional few imperfections or variations which add value,…